We're Talking About Learning 

And I’m joined by fellow learning enthusiast and the host of the brilliant podcast Steph’s Business Bookshelf, Steph Clarke.

If you were going to teach a class on ‘Learning’, what would you cover? And if you want to embed a culture of learning in your organisation what should you do? 

While we spend many years in formal education, many people still haven't learned how to learn. Steph joins me on the phone to discuss.

Steph is a facilitator, designer and podcaster. She helps teams work better together as a facilitator, works with businesses to bring their ideas and insights to life visually as a designer, and shares the big ideas from the best non-fiction books through her podcast Steph's Business Bookshelf.   

Connect with Steph at 

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/steph-clarke
Instagram www.instagram.com/stephsbizbookshelf 
Website www.stephclarke.com
Podcast www.stephsbusinessbookshelf.com

Connect with Shane on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanemhatton/ or visit www.shanemhatton.com to learn more about his work.